About IPAR

IPAR Industrial Partners b.v. supplies parts for industrial vehicles and machinery. With its dedicated selection of industrial products and components IPAR delivers directly from its warehouse to diverse branches in the industrial market with daily deliveries. Get what you want straight away and go back to work!

Thanks to over 50 years of experience in various industrial segments, we offer thorough knowledge and experience. IPAR is focused on delivering the parts you need quickly, so you as the client can keep your focus on your core competencies and rapidly get back to work. Our market focus enables us to respond flexibly to the needs of the industrial market, backed-up by high-quality A-brand manufacturers. Together we offer the specialised knowledge you need.

IPAR guarantees the quality of the products and services it supplies, backed up by our quality assurance and control system (based on ISO 9001:2000). IPAR Industrial partners b.v. operates in the entire Benelux market and is part of Sator-LKQ Holding.

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