What we do

There is nothing that makes us happier than industrial components. To be more precise: motor and hydraulic components for industrial vehicles and machinery.

At IPAR, you will always find the component you are looking for. Just give us a product description or an article number and we will find the right component. Precisely the one you are looking for. Or an exact equivalent. We always know what you need, also if you happen to have a different article number. Because we know all the numbers. All the numbers that go with the same component. And we are not talking about an alternative, because an alternative is not good enough for us or for you.

And if component X is the only thing you need, you can look it up yourself. But what if you need ten, thirty or a hundred? That´s a different story. We know that there are better ways for you to spend your precious time, time which you would rather spend on your own customers. Let us take it out of your hands. You won’t lose any time and you will be paying less as well. For the same product. Or the best equivalent.

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