Market segments

IPAR is active in the Mobile branch and offers a wide range of products and services. From standard products to highly specific customisation and from large series to unit production. We help you find the right technical solutions with an overall focus on cost control, reliability of delivery and top quality. We know it, we have it, we bring it. For trucks, buses, off-road vehicles, engines, compressors, pumps and machinery.

Truck Bus Wit  

Truck & Bus:
- Builders of buses
- Fleet owners of buses with its own workshop
- Special truck repair companies and builders

Offroad Wit

- Fleet owners of excavators, loaders, dump trucks, etc.> 5 vehicles
- Repair companies in this sector
- Wholesalers who supply to this sector


Engine Compressors Pumps Wit  

Motors, compressors, pumps:
- For builders and end users                             

Machinery With Hydraulic Components Wit

Machines with hydraulic components:
- For builders and end users

For more details please see our extensive assortment:  
• Filtration
• Hydraulic components
• Engine components
• Automotive parts

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